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Grateful Dead Live at Berkeley Community Theater on 1986-04-21

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Grateful Dead Live at Berkeley Community Theater on 1986-04-21

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Mississippi Half Step-> El Paso, Row Jimmy, My Brother Esau, Cumberland Blues, Desolation Row, Ramble On Rose, Let It Grow Touch Of Gray-> Estimated Prophet-> Eyes Of The World*-> Drums*-> Maybe You Know**-> Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad-> Morning Dew-> Around & Around-> Not Fade Away, E: Don't Ease Me In*

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Berkeley Community Theater
Location Berkeley, CA

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Reviewer: drumhead6913 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 26, 2016
Subject: Time of my life
I was there . I was staying at Barrington for a time and found myself able to attend all of the shows. Fist show was at 2:00 pm, 2nd 4:00 pm, and 3rd was at 7:00 . or something like that. Orchestra pit!The lost week was complemented with one of the famous wine dinners that Barrington Hall threw.
Reviewer: Mind Wondrin - favoritefavorite - August 15, 2015
Subject: Show that legend made infamoius

The supposed "Brent meltdown" show has become a curiosity. There's the backstory of his marriage dissolving and that he gave a drunken performance (though given his progressively worse state there were probably downers of some sort). When you live the majority of your time on a stage in a band that consumes your entire life, eventually all sides of you will surface on that stage, including tearful emoting from something that bottoms you out. Either way, this particular night is now part of the lore. I imagine he played hungover the next night. But there's more than that going on in this show - in particular lightning tempos. All of the SBs run 2%+ fast (almost a whole key in places) so you need to run some software BEFORE you can listen to the show objectively. Even then, the tempos are the fastest since '78.

In '86 Jer was out from July to December (an abscess triggering a diabetic coma will do that - and it's amazing he came back even then) so it's kind of a lost year. But there's this recent meme that the mid-80s had no good shows, which is a fucking ridiculous notion (most of us here saw our best shows in the 80s). '86 was no '87 (which was a brilliant year - one of the five best), but for top '86 shows check the Cal-Expo shows right after these (I think it's May 3 that's great) and also the New Year's run.

This is known as a 1-star show and it's an example of the band when they're off. But it's also good at illustrating how the band could spin top moments out of nothing. The 3rd of a four-day run, it's the last time they played the Berk high school theater. If you offer this as an all-time best, 5-star show, then please offer an example of which shows ARE the 2-star and 3-star shows (n.b. smgarcia, below, says there's no worse show and then gives it 3-stars, apparently reserving 2-stars for the boot of Billy spacing at an interview and 1-star for the tape of Jer's sleep apnea) - that is if you want the show-ratings feature to, you know, WORK. There need to be shows like this for there to be 5* shows. That's how the known universe works.

Given the weirdly brisk tempos there may have been a lot of bumps backstage, but this Persian meme has gotten out of hand and there's wide misperception about Jer and opiates ("but I read it on the internet, braaaak!"). There's no such thing as 'persian' per se, it was just the Dead's inner-circle name for dope - regardless of origin. Maintenance dope users aren't "in a stupor". The dope stabilizes and prevents withdrawal - plus a sluggish Jer would have just bumped. This was a year after he cleaned himself up and the band were said to be watching him too closely for that.

First Set. Average to below average set. El Paso has fire but Bobby loses his place. On the other extreme, Ramble on Rose clunks and creaks. Let it Grow is a fine example of the band trying hard and bringing things back around. A fine-enough, clean version.

Second Set. Touch of Grey is in the uptempo '86 stylee, here even faster, which means it wrecks hard when it goes off the rails. You can hear Bobby trying to save it but Brent's a mess and takes Jerry with him. Estimated just sounds off, again due to Brent. Jer tries to over-sing him, and it actually smokes from the middle onward. I know of no Eyes faster than this one (even when played back at the right speed). It's worth hearing but at this tempo there's less they can do with it (it's hard for Bobby to do more than doubles stops and single strings). The fun is in listening to Jer rise to the challenge with flurries of 16ths. Very few guitarists could have done this! Average but for the uniqueness. The jam after apparently featured Mickey's Berimbau-ist friend, Jose Lorenzo. However, the drummers don't have chance to do their thang because Brent stays out with them until he veers them into his Maybe You Know. The only one after the 5 in Apr83, it's out of character for the Dead. The song never developed and after this maudlin hiccup it was definitively put to bed. The drummers vamp, befuddled (as Brent ignores any defined rhythm) and the boys must have been wincing, because rather than wait for Drums>Space to emerge, the axemen all come out and Jer launches into a perfect Goin' Down the Road. This is an interesting example of the bright spot that suddenly gelled in the midst of bad shows. Jer just pushes his chips all in and wails. Sometimes it could just all fit together again, as Bobby and Billy are prone to pointing out in interviews. Unfortunately, that's it. Around isn't the least bit tight and by Dough Knees Jer is losing his voice.

1st Set:  D+
2nd Set: F+
Overall = 1 1/2 Stars

Goin Down the Road - One of the best of '86 in the middle of compost. That and the wild, uptempo, gotta-hear-once Eyes are the reason I'm arguing this is more than a one-star show. As far as "meltdown", that's more legend than accurate descriptor.

SOURCES: I find miller34765 to be best followed by jeffm1787 and miller34766. The SBDs all run like helium (and all AUDS I've checked) at 2 - 2 ½% fast. You can slow the miller34765 by 2% to hear what the show really sounded like.
Reviewer: thejunkwasrockin - favorite - January 2, 2015
Subject: ROTTEN
This show is rotten to the core. Brent showed how much he sucked this night and no matter how much he tried, he could not lock down that bluesy raspy thing that other people could do. The keys sound terrible and all that moaning on maybe you know just sounds plain and simple horrible. They say he had a meltdown but why did every night sound like a meltdown. Like toxic waste land dump meltdown. They were probably thinking they should have picked Bruce Hornsby here because Hornsby could play and was waaaay better at MIDI then this clown of an ass Brent. I never liked Brent and thought he should've been fired after this one. I'd have said, Hey buddy, I don't care about your crazy life, you bring the music or pack your bags. A waste of a Dead show. They'd have done better opening for Phil Collins on this night, cuz he sounded better anywas.
Reviewer: eyesaweabyrd - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 12, 2014
Subject: the notes
Emotions get the best of us, including when we rate shows. The music, for the most part, is pretty on. The vocals could use some work here and there. If it weren't for the undue negativity, my rating would've been four stars. Thanks to the band, the fans, and as always, the tapers.
Reviewer: jjg4762 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 12, 2013
Subject: ScarletPetunia - I disagree
I agree with Early 80's on his assessment of the years of this band.83, 84 and 85 and will include 82 also were smoking almost all of it maybe a down show or 2 but for most part was ripping.I don't get the Jerry Persian bashing.. Ever been to the dentist and enjoy the percocets after. I would willing to bet 75 out a 100 people would tell you they loved a few perc's and beers,even common folk. Point being i think we rag on these guys drug use and drinking to much.Why are we here?Because we loved them LOVED big time. If anyone of the bashers were ever in the presence of Jerry or Brent would you be so quick to say something along the lines of.(you guys could of played much better if off the booze or Persian) I doubt it. We are all fans of this amazing band. After the fact playing Monday morning quarter back.
That all being said I am not ragging on anyone person here so please understand it's just my thoughts on a bunch of fellow human beings we happen to love. Day in and day out. If we did not why would be here to begin with. Chances are we are all here for the same reason because we loved the music and the scene.
I happen to be about 30 feet from stage during Brent's hiccup.Someone said earlier how Jerry and the boys came running out to his rescue,that is so true I never saw them run out onto the stage like that before or after.
Lets give the persian' jerry' drugged out stupor a BREAK WE LOVED THESE GUYS DIDN'T WE???I FOR SURE DID AND STILL DO
This show was alot of fun.
Reviewer: mcguinnfan - favoritefavorite - October 5, 2012
Subject: This is real life...
Lots of controversy here, so I'll try to keep it short. The first set is really quite bad in my opinion; the lengthy impromptu instrumental on El Paso is a nice surprise, but most of the rest is tough to take: very tired-sounding. Set 2 is far more interesting. I actually like what Brent did on Estimated Prophet a lot here, and whatever one might say about his "meltdown," he seemed to shake the others up on a night when they needed it badly (Dew, despite the missed notes near the end, smokes); for that he deserves credit.

As for the "meltdown": it's a bit overplayed. Would that this were the worst public "meltdown" in my life. I've had worse in the last 24 hours! And if Weir's allowed to screech at the top of his lungs in an effort to inject a little life into the proceedings, I don't see any reason why Brent shouldn't be allowed to do the same, for whatever reason.

This is the kind of show that exemplifies the greatness of this band and the uniqueness of this experience. Most bands and artists allow only their "best" shows out into the world; The Dead encouraged us to preserve all of theirs. I think The Dead's policy is much more honest and honorable, and I think most of us would agree on that.

But it's not always going to be comfortable. These guys lived so much of their lives on the road and on stage, after all. In a celebrity-saturated world, we have a tendency to take a "ho-hum" attitude toward the latest divorce news. But it's not ho-hum, and Brent was living that nightmare at this time. His outlet was music, and this show allows us to share in it with him, at least for a few moments. It may be painful, but it's real...
Reviewer: fudoki - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 18, 2011
Subject: Conjecture and fertilizer
Having read all the comments, and investigated the political agenda of "eyesofthewird" - the "wird"??? - I am impressed by the community, and stunned by the evil of those who would attack the community.

The cruel and malicious remarks of a political operative, attempting to associate the terms "Grateful Dead", "Brent Mydland", and "Rex Foundation" with an explosive, automatic-guilt laden term in Internet search engines was met with disbelief by some commentarians - as if it were some mistake of thoughts. No, it was deliberate.

Yes friends, the remark was not an accident, but an attempt by a political operative to establish a negative link in search engines.

Appropriate action has been taken to remedy the situation. "eyesofthewird" has been shocked to learn just how many people LOVE the kind, honest, and patriotic message of the GD.

Brent played great in this show until the combination of a pretty "down" playlist, and his huge marital problems, got to him. Listen to the music. He was doing great through most of the show, until he couldn't hold back the pain any longer.

My main complaint with this show is the LOW LEVELS of the recording. Yes, the weather report was clearly "stoned tonight, at least through dawn" for the entire band - since when has that hurt the sound?

The poster of the hateful propaganda has only made two other posts on the Internet under the aforementioned handle; one here and one on the Moody Blues website - both lead to sleazy commercial websites with ties to ultra-religious right and gambling adware sites.

Stay in touch.
Reviewer: PHILnWEIRed - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 20, 2011
Subject: Heart to BIG!
my heart just broke listening to Brent, He had so much love to give, It hurt me to hear how much he was hurting, I want to give him a hug and let him know we love him.

The NFA repise to me, is a way the boys told Brent " we got you Brother"

I am very thankful for the all the YRS the boys have gave us, and grateful we still get to be part of something bigger than all of us. It makes me sick to see ppl talk smack about one of our own, when clearly he was reaching out for help.

Thank you Boys for everything you have gave me.
RIP Brent, we will never forget you
Reviewer: Dagwood420 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 6, 2010
Subject: tears
maybe you know...

i was moved... there is is REAL emotion god bless brent. I think it was awesome. Maybe you know how i feel.
Reviewer: myhungryhippo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 26, 2010
Subject: wild stuff
Reviewer: Jim F - - August 25, 2010
Subject: "his voice sounds like a pedophile"
Lol uh, what exactly does a pedophile sound like? Maybe if I could tell by the voice, when looking for a house I wouldn't have to look for those signs they make sex offenders put in their front yards so I know which ones to stay away from.
Reviewer: ehfan4life - - July 16, 2010
Subject: ????
cant believe all the shit talking from "heads" goes to show just because youre a grateful dead fan dont mean you have a heart felt love for music and people, seems to me as each year passes some of the spirit goes with it.. very sad .. iwill carry the joy the "boys" brought into my life, and the world until they come to drag my poor body down...hope you will do the same R.I.P.and L.I.P.
Reviewer: Grateful Gary - - January 22, 2010
Subject: Stars can't be the judge
Let the music take you there. Listen to some of Brent's intricacies during Estimated. This was a really great show. These men have lived their whole lives on stage. If they cry, the music cries with them, and in the case of this particular show, there are such moments. The feeling is there -- all of it. Plus, I've never heard Estimated performed with this flavor of counterpoint before. Each band member gets a star here, so do the math.
Reviewer: jwyatt521 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 11, 2009
Subject: hmmm....
I don't understand why they don't let people downloadf this show. For all the Brent haters, I thought this was one of the gratest. So it's all relative. Can anyone tell me why they only stream this show? Is it a Dick's Pick or something?
Reviewer: taohaven - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 9, 2009
Subject: credit where credit is due
on this day brent did not stand alone. many of us shared his relief and were heartened by his fury.
Reviewer: DTSECOFR21 - - December 17, 2008
Subject: It's Sad
This was long after my "Dead days" were over, but from what I know and have read, Brent's marriage was fading. Having in that situation, it's not a fun thing and will make you over-indulge in various drugs/alcohol. I think that is what this show exemplifies. It's sad...if you look at videos of him from here until he passed, you can just see him go downhill in every sense. What a great talent lost. RIP Brent. May God look after you and your children.
Reviewer: Sim_Rick - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 17, 2008
Subject: voice during drum / keys jam
I thought that Brent's emotional intensity was really powerful and touching and when he sings Maybe You Know is sounds cathartic.
In an earlier post Reviewer: muchabrats wrote about a weird voice signature during the jam. I notice it fading in and out from 3:30 until 6:30, but it is especially prominent at 5:52 and 6:14. It sounds like the word "scamming" or something similar repeated over and over. It has to be electronic. Does anyone know what it is?
It may not be great, but it is so interesting that I play it over and over since I heard it on Sirius.
Reviewer: jackospax - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 12, 2008
Subject: Too harsh!
I dunno, I just listened to this show because David Gans was featuring it on the Sirius Dead channel and I missed some of it... I read all your reviews and got the backstory. Yeah there's definitely a little off key singing and totally wrong notes during the show, but the impromptu Jam and Maybe You Know was pretty moving for me, Brent's pouring his heart out, cursing and slurring all the way! He's so broken up he doesn't even want to leave the stage, he just wants to get lost in the music. Give the poor guy a break. Sure not a 5 star show, but you guys are just too harsh!
Reviewer: BVD - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 20, 2008
Subject: Comedy?
Someone wrote to listen to this show for the comedy of it. There is nothing funny about a man who was going to pieces because his personal life had been shattered by a failing marriage. I agree with others about Garcia. He could fall asleep standing up(really nodding) and some assholes would give it 5 stars just because it was Garcia...Fuckin' low blow goin after Mydland
Reviewer: JerryInaPouch - favoritefavorite - February 22, 2008
Subject: Not horrible
I like finding "bombshell" shows on BOTH sides of the spectrum, but this one, it's not so bad. I'd give it a two and a half, but you can't so two.

This is about as "average" a show as you will find.

Care to debate it?:

the point being, I hate people defending EVERY show as "five stars" because it AIN'T SO! Even Jerry said he got pissed when everybody ate everything they threw at them, no matter what the quality. The Morning Dew was nice- the jams were decent. I give the sound quality a four, btw, but the show- 2.5 stars (so ..) two stars because it's closer to "bad" than "average". Peace.
Reviewer: sideentrance - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 10, 2008
Subject: Go Brent Go!
The timing of Morning Dew after Brent's "supposed" meltdown is ironic. "Thought I heard a baby cry today..." I don't mean baby like a spolied brat baby. Brent was definitely crying during his song. Not with tears - but with emotional pain - just getting it all out. Yeh, it happened to be in front of a ton of people...but so be it. Brent's keys sounded pretty good throughout the show. God bless Brent for adding an extra flare of music to our lives.
Reviewer: LordOfTheExacto - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 6, 2007
Subject: "Maybe You Know" was the real thing
I didn't listen to the whole show; I just played that song after reading Dennis McNally's account of the meltdown. Yes, it would have been awkward for the band, but you know, I don't recall ever hearing such raw pain in a singer's voice in a live performance before or since. He conveyed a heartbreak that Hank the Great or Janis (pbuh) would have been proud of. That it wasn't an act, but a genuine outpouring of emotional devastation, makes it even more compelling.

I know what it is to want to scream and beat my head against a solid object from having your life fall apart. That's what I hear in Brent. His marriage was trashed, he was trying to anesthetize himself with ethanol in various flavors, and he just lost it on stage. Show me any divorced man who hasn't had a snootful and lost it in the same way (although most of us don't have a stadium full of people to witness it). His friends came to his rescue, and the band played on. And when he got his shit together again (as far as he ever did), his place in the band was still there.

It hurt to hear, but I can't sneer at it. It was the real McCoy.
Reviewer: Eric "Jerry's Kid" Andreasen - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 11, 2007
Subject: Brent *best GD keyboardist ever*
OK, Brent was, all in all, the best keybaord player the Dead ever had, Pig did great on organ, Keith great on piano, Brent was a triple threat: Hammond B-3, piano, synthesizer. Bretn knew how to really lay down an atmosphere, a colorful texture, a magic carpet that the band could soar on. His Hammond B-3 work is some of the best I've ever heard from anyone, anywhere, EVER! He had problems and compounded them with alcohol (not a smart move), and other stuff, and he melted down onstage during Maybe You Know (maybe you already know...). Nevertheless, the sound the band had around this time period (early and mid '80s), AND the weird, funky stuff going on with Jerry, Brent, andBob was surely no angel either, made for some great art. Brent was the real deal. I wish he would have married a more understanding or nurturing or compatible wife... though I don't know her, I have seen the pain a woman can consciously cause a man... (they can be crueler and meaner than men by a long shot!!!), and Brent sang out his blues on stage. Isn't that what we wanted from our artists? REAL pain, REAL emotion? A white man can't have the blues? B.S. Brent was a bluesman, and he rocked!!! OK, that's all. God bless Brent!!!
Reviewer: Homer JAY Simpson - favoritefavorite - November 5, 2007
Subject: Best GD Hot-seater, Ever, Bar None...
oh my god, brent was off ONE night out of a thousand?

at times it's a hard listen, as others have said, and the maybe you know trainwreck is for amusement purposes only but the way some of you go on you'd think he singlehandedly decimated the grateful dead.

the sad part is, i've heard worse.

now as penance you must listen to 10/28/85, 10/29/85 in their entirety and listen to the tasteful accentuation of Brent, baby. rest in peace, i love you.
Reviewer: letitshine - favoritefavoritefavorite - June 3, 2007
Subject: The "Brent meltdown show"
This is not exactly the best Dead show ever. There are a fair ammount of mistakes... most of them due to Brent being incredibly messed-up on something durring the second set. That said, it is also incredibly unique in that it's a Brent-era show without Drums/Space which includes a performance of a pretty rare song. The rest of the show also features some good song choices. I have no complaints other than the performances being a bit... raw.

I actually think this show is pretty essential listening, just becausee it's interesting (for me at least) to see the band dealing with one of its members being on a slightly different track from everyone else. Hell, it's pretty amaazing stuff to see the Rhythm Devils keep up with Brent's constant changes in tempo durring the portion of the show that should technically be theirs. So while this definately isn't a great show and you probably won't want to re-listen to it, it's also pretty fun to check out... out of morbid curiousity if nothing else.

RIP Brent. He was the best all-around keyboardist the Dead had. This might not be his best hour, but it's one of his more interesting moments for sure.
Reviewer: ShawnK - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 7, 2007
Subject: Give him a break!
If you know, that was a really bad day for Brent, as his marriage was falling apart big time. And though his rambling "Maybe you know" even confused the drummers, it was a special night. Jerry saw it, came out, helped Brent finish the song, then passed on drums/space and went into "GDTRFB". I know that I have had too many drunkin' nights myself, it would have been great to have Jerry come and help me out. I met Brent not long after this at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ, when Go Ahead was touring during Jerry's coma. He had a Heineken in hand and as he left he took the time to talk to me and my friend at length. I was really impressed. I also always loved his singing. I miss him to this day. Thus my first son, (8 years old now) is named Brent. So everyone, just back off, he played many, many, great songs, and also breathed a new life into the Dead when they really needed it.
Reviewer: smgarcia - favoritefavoritefavorite - October 29, 2006
Subject: Awful
I've listened to parts of this show so far and Brent is really awful. I cannot think of a worse show, perhaps the Campolindo High School show of the late 60's, where the Dead play at a high school gym and screw up several songs. Brent sounds like a dying, wailing goat on Estimated Prophet. After drums he sounds like he is going to die.

There is something to his madness. I can't profess to say that he was great this show, but just listen to Estimated Prophet. He is just horsing around during the jam part, playing spacey, star trek Klingon-type music around the 9:30 mark. Earlier in Estimated Prophet he plays the same 2 low keys over and over, and at first it sounded really cool. But that is the only thing he plays.

Brent is in his own world that day. I'm surprised Weir didn't pull the plug on this keyboard. But I think this show is something worth having. There are bad dead concerts where someone's voice is off, notes are misplayed, but in every one of those shows the guys are trying. Here, Brent is just fucking around and not even trying to keep the beat or play on the same chord. His music is quite puzzling. That's why I think this is worth a download - because this is what happens when a band member just doesn't try.
Reviewer: TheDaliTrauma - favoritefavorite - September 14, 2006
Subject: Maybe You Know...'s vocals all over this (especially on 'Estimated Prophet') are just horrible...he sounds like straight up shit. the 'Maybe You Know' meltdow is a serious train wreck. poor guy. the rest of the band sounds pretty tight though.
Reviewer: BrewCityDead - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 6, 2006
Subject: We Love You Brent
"Maybe you know", what's going on with brent, but you really don't! Pretty ironic that it was played that night, don;t yo think. I love brent's playing in this show. His keys are turned up and it sounds like candy cane keys. I remember hearin the Deolaton row, Ramble on Rose and Let It Grow on the Dead Hour years ago. I thought to myself, that keyboard player sounds awesome. His singing may worsen as the show goes on. But there is a lot of great key action on brent's part in this show.
Reviewer: deadhead1991 - favoritefavoritefavorite - June 29, 2006
Subject: eh
'86 wasn't one of their greatest years. Maybe You Know isn't exactly good, but after reading some of these reviews I was suprised. Bob and Jerry mess up way more than Brent, and I don't see people saying "oh he sucks what a drunk omg pedophile". Give me a break. Brent had troubles too, just like the rest. He just didn't have a very good night, you don't need to emotionally beat him to the ground for it...
Reviewer: ScarletPetunia - favoritefavorite - April 10, 2006
Subject: Early-mid 80s definately weak
Sorry folks- these were bad years and this show is just more proof. Jerry is smacked out and his voice is like nails on a chalkboard; his gutitar playing comes and goes. As a whole the '83 tours were anything but "smokin'", unless you are referring to Garcia's consumption of Persian. This was the period where he really lived a drugged out stupor; there were some good shows- even a few great ones - but no consistantly great tours. He does sort of bail Brent out here, much to his credit.
Reviewer: early 80's meltdown - favoritefavoritefavorite - March 9, 2006
Subject: 83-86 spotty ?
Buddy the 83 tour is so smokin its sick. Especially april 83. I love 84 some of the sickest jams and hart felt ballads. There are a few off nights in 84 and more pre coma in 86. 1985 was blow out those Nassau and Cumberland shows were white hot. The Spectrum run were the the shit. Jerry and the boys were like a steam locomotive ROLLIN HARD that last night. The 3 song opener was about as good as your gonna get- what do you want? Midnight Hour>Walkin the Dog>Big Boss Man is so killer-love his solo in Big boss. The Greeks,Alpine were the bomb. The Mid West run in Ohio both stops were again killer. Merriweather was the best run at that venue. Same for Saratoga love that High time. Although I prefer 83 at both of those venues. Hrd to say that 83 Merriweather was perfect. Fall 85 was pretty dam good too but I like the first part of the year better. She belongs to Me only played in '85 love that tune. It's so sweet with beatiful those solos an hypnotic jams.The epitomy Garcia.(i like the Chula version and that Fire) As far as 1986 I agree with the shows being spotty Jerry was getting tired unhealthy relapsed again after gettin clean in spring and had some kind urinating problem and was having to leave the stage during songs at various shows and missing songs entirely. The come back shows are fun in Dec. were really cool. When I think spotty, I think post Brent. From Vince on with moments of brillance. The 70's 73-74 were killer exploratoy young Dead and Obviously the 77 run is top notch peak Dead. If I had to pick a favorite year or tour mine would be 1989. That peak as good as it gets in my book. Ive listened to it from tape trading days untill now so much just like '77. I enjoy really diggin in 83-85 the most. Not huge on 76 and 78 so I dig into fall 79 and 1980 summer is sweet. Any way we all have are favorites and to be honest I love all of it but like everything some better than others. In the case of the Dead 83-85 I feel is some of there best stuff Junkie Jerry lost it from 70's not as good as 82. Thats non sense the 83 got better than the previous year. It may not have that sterile dood ole grateful Dead late 70's feel to it. In ending since were talking spotty. In 83 I would say they took a dip in the late summer tour leg. I stay away of the Frost shows no where 82,84 and 85 runs at that beatiful venue. I don't have my Dead base in front of me but Portland was kind of weak right around then. With exeption of that Deep Elem and Seatle wasn't the best. Iam also big on Hult in 84 and these are a killer rebound from late summer run. If your not familar with the Poplar Creek shows check those out lots of energy and fun to listen to. Not saying best of 83 but real good I like the Stranger and Brown Eyed both crackling with energy. No need to mention but I will the Help bust out and of coarse St Stephen. Practicly the whole month of Oct.'83 are the Dead at there best. The same goews for fall 84 those Augusta my top 10 favs and Hartfords and Mack Daddy BCT shows at the end Oct and Nov2 show another all time fav and sound killer here on this site.

ps I had to listen to Maybe You Know cuz of the reviews never listened to it. That was the worst Brent I ever heaqrd and Iam a huge Brent fan. Slaahhshed is what comes to mind combined with home problems. Auhh poor Brent, Iloved his playin my so much. May he rest in place.
Reviewer: buckdancer - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 13, 2006
Subject: Brents my boy
whatever was going on inside Brents head during this night and during "Maybe You Know" i have no clue, but im diggin it. sure he was probably a little to drunk to play GREAT music, but he was doing his thing and i guess some people didnt understand or appreciate it. well fuck it and fuck you, brent had a lot going on. I mean HE WAS IN THE GRATEFUL DEAD PERFORMING IN FRONT OF THOUSANDS day in and day out which could understandably be nerve racking and stressful to have all eyes on you all the time plus whatevever other troubles life could have been throwing his way back in April of '86. i love Brent and i feel for him, i dont care if he had a bad night and sang a sub par version of his song which he is singing for you! Im listening to this show and im diggin it and especially when Jerry does his thing and goes right into GDTRFB which was probably a relief for Brent and everyone else in the theater that night.

"everybodys got there troubles to"
Reviewer: skuzzlebutt - favoritefavorite - February 2, 2006
Subject: Painful
Okay, Brent does indeed have a bad night here. The darkness kind of overtook him and it happened in a very public way. Still, it's one night, and while "Maybe You Know" isn't a pretty moment, I've certainly heard worse shows as a whole from the notoriously spotty '83-'86 period. Download it for curiosity's sake and make up your own mind. As for Brent's professionalism, give me a break- this is the Grateful Dead we're talking about. If we're going to knock Mydland, why not bash Kieth for the late 70s shows where he was so out of it he need a roadie to poke him to stay awake? Why give Jerry a pass on his frequently embarassing and inept showings '94-'95? It's too bad we take this stuff soooooo seriously that we can't all employ the casual, shrug-it-off attitude- "it was a bad set" - the way the boys in the band did.
Reviewer: sockmunkey - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 12, 2005
Subject: Brents darkest hour?
I really like the Drums/Keys jam, i nice break from the traditional Space. As for Maybe You Know, not musically the finest, but a great bit of history, drums and keys and the rantings of a very tormented man, he shows his soul on this one, perhaps in a drunken stupor, but a must listen to. If not the whole show, you owe it to yourself to listen to the drums/keys and maybe you know> gdtrfb(jerry saves the day)
Reviewer: poor willie john - favoritefavorite - November 7, 2005
Subject: heh heh ;)...
sure it's awful...the difference is that when the K-man had an off night it wasn't as...obvious...

as least it's funny. is that wrong?
Reviewer: lobster12 - favoritefavorite - October 17, 2005
Subject: no big deal
Look, the maybe you know is brutal, not that i liked that song anyway. The rest of the show is average especially since the band pulls the rip cord and ex-nays the drums and space to get mydland to bed or whatever. Honestly, it's a bad night like a lot of bad nights. If were gonna crucify brent for this night than everyone better not give a free pass to ole jer for the entire 95 tour. My 2 cents, the worst performance of a GD song was Wharf rat at NJ 95.
Reviewer: eyezoftheworld - favorite - October 14, 2005
Subject: sucks
about this show.... it sucks. brent does not sound good. he was a little too drunk that night. everyone has there nights. i just dont feel brent ever had his. i respect him for being a member of my favorite band. i just dont find it professional to be too intoxicated to play. sorry if i offended anyone by giving my opinion at the time. next time i will censor myself. listen to this show and by god rate the thing.
Reviewer: dmilks - favoritefavoritefavorite - October 4, 2005
Subject: 4/21/86
There's plenty of klunkers to go around for the members of this band. Listen to Weir's vocals on the first Picasso Moon, or the countless songs that end in total trainwrecks. And yet, Mr. Mydland has one bad night (in actuality, one bad song), and the vultures swoop in for the kill.

After brent died, I read an eulogy by a very prominent Deadhead who was at this concert, and the "Maybe you Know" was, in this persons opinion, a highlight of many shows attended (in the 100's). I am not saying I agree, but it's all about perspective.

But to say really cruel things ("He sounds like a pedophile", WTF does a pedophile sound like???) about a guy who is too dead to even defend himself is just childish. If you don't like it, move on, it's one f'in show out of thousands. give the guy a friggin break. Jesus.
Reviewer: eyezoftheowlrd - favorite - August 19, 2005
Subject: what the hell
what the hell is going on during this show. ill bet people were wondering why they supported the rex foundation after this performance... well, performance by brent. the night was all his. he smokes... someone put him out!!! he has to be wasted. this is the least inspiring performance ive ever heard by him. he really sounds like a monkey on the keys. his voice sounds like a pedophile. i cant think of anything else to say about him at this show other then what the hell. i dont generally love 80s shows and this performance would be one of the bigger reasons. and during the drums... yeah... i hear the voice... and im at work.
Reviewer: Dstone5553 - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 9, 2005
Subject: Correction the single worst version of any song would be any version or Bro Esau. Maybe You Know rocks hard as a song even if this version is what some would consider disastrous but others consider cool. I wasn't there so I don't have the memories of Brent's embarrassing actions for that night. If one doesn't think Maybe you know rocks then they should probably stay away from the 80's entirely.
Reviewer: muchabrats - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 28, 2005
Subject: Okay Show Sound is Good
Has anyone else heard the weird voice or voice-like signature during the Drums Keys Jam? What is this? I donÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂt think it is part of the tune or show. Was this added? Or am I tripping?
Reviewer: primalscrn - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 24, 2005
Subject: unreal!
You people are unreal! Its not enough that some heads expected the band to be perfect or nearly perfect every night, I love "maybe you know" & yea, this is not one of brents best moments, but god bless him! I think he was venting and why not? he was a rockstar- he was allowed to do that.
Check out Burlington, Vt 83'
Reviewer: stratocaster - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 11, 2005
Subject: worst song ever played...
This version of Maybe You Know is perhaps the single worst performance of any song by any member of the Dead in their 30 years. However, it bears a listen for the sheer comedy of it...fortunately, Garcia picks the riff to Goin' Down the Road and leaves Mydland's abortion in the rear view mirror...5 for comedy, 4 for quality and 3 overall, cause the rest of the show ain't that bad...
Reviewer: toast6977 - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 11, 2005
Subject: must say
I must say, this show does have some really good high-points... and brent does have some really low points... but all in all, there's some killer stuff here.. I think it must be noted, (can't believe it hasn't been yet!) that Mississippi 1/2 Step has some static, and it a wierd cut. The cut is such, that there isn't a blank spot, but rather noticeable. Don't let that stop you from downloading it, but, its not mentioned in the text file, or any posts, and i find it hard to believe i am the only one that noticed it <---- lol.

------ Download this show.
Reviewer: nycityjeff - favoritefavorite - March 15, 2005
Subject: what a trainwreck.....poor brent
the "maybe you know" is either hilarious or very sad...he speeds up he slows down, he shouldnt even be out there at all...hes completely drunk...ten sheets to the wind, hes room spinning, puking, barfighting wasted....never seen anybody that stinking drunk on stage...his playing and singing are godawful and yet comical...its not even subtle, he must have been 3 fifths of booze into the darkness....for this mattere alone however I love this show...its brent mydland zits and all......god bless him the fucker....we all have our bad days....this is brents darkest hour on stage with the dead.....
Reviewer: nycityjeff - favoritefavorite - March 15, 2005
Subject: what a trainwreck.....poor brent
the "maybe you know" is either hilarious or very sad...he speeds up he slows down, he shouldnt even be out there at all...hes completely drunk...ten sheets to the wind, hes room spinning, puking, barfighting wasted....never seen anybody that stinking drunk on stage...his playing and singing are godawful and yet comical...its not even subtle, he must have been 3 fifths of booze into the darkness....for this mattere alone however I love this show...its brent mydland zits and all......god bless him the fucker....we all have our bad days....this is brents darkest hour on stage with the dead.....
Reviewer: benjata - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 3, 2005
Subject: oh my god...
I had just read about this show in the Long Strange Trip book. With the exception of 'Easy to Love You' I've never been a big Brent fan, but the more I've read about him, and began to understand some of the trouble he'd been through, I appreciate his work with the band alot more. Anyway, this is worse than it sounds...poor Brent. The rest of the show is pretty solid...
Reviewer: madman420 - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 20, 2004
Subject: poor Brent
I am confirming what others have already wrote about Brent. It was painful to see and hear this. I still remember Jerry coming out to salvage what was left in the 2nd set followed by Phil then Bobby literally running out from backstage. After the show they had to pour Brent into the backseat of the Sausalito limo. Not really a good show to download unless you were there.
Reviewer: BenKarm - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 5, 2004
Subject: Weird Vibes - Great Show
I remember the weird vibes as Brent stayed out during the drum solo and did a Maybe You Know with just him and the drummers (+ Jose Lorenzo on drums too). Jerry came out at the end of the song to try and save things and went straight into Going Down the Road and omiting the drum solo/space part. Jerry then followed with a great Morning Dew.

Though the vibes were weird at the show, this was a tape that I played again and again and loved it. Brent was definitely out of it but sometimes, being that wasted gives you a lot more soul when your singing and I loved that version of Maybe You Know. The rest of the show was fairly smoking and it didn't bother me a bit to do a show without drums and space. I usually fastforward that part on the tapes anyway.
Reviewer: Imercator - favoritefavorite - June 27, 2004
Subject: Ouch
This show is hard to listen to due to the fact that there is something very wrong with Brent. Be he wasted, tired or depressed (probably all three), his singing is very off-key all night and his playing is eratic at best. This reaches it's unbearable climax when he desides to attempt Maybe You Know, stuggling to find the chords for around 5 minutes before he starts singing, and then proceeds to ramble on while the drummers wait in vain to do their bit. It is surprising the band let Brent perform in such a bad state! Painful listening experience, collectors only.
Reviewer: Seperation of Dead and State - favoritefavoritefavorite - June 4, 2004
Subject: Manic Depression
Major League Meltdown from Brent..first "Mabye You Know" since '83....nice filler material.
Reviewer: A.J.K. - favoritefavoritefavorite - June 4, 2004
Subject: the
the "Brent Meltdown Show"
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